Advanced - Nested Multisig

  • Mimir supports Nested Multisig accounts where a Multisig can include other Multisigs as its members. Users have the flexibility to choose between Flexible Multisig, Static Multisig, or EOA (Externally Owned Accounts) as members of a Multisig account. They can also structure these accounts in any hierarchical layering as needed.

  • In the future, Mimir plans to integrate Proxy, enabling a hybrid architecture of Proxy and Multisig accounts.

Its advantages are:

  1. You can combine Flexible Multisig, Static Multisig and Extension wallet at any level.

  2. More suitable for enterpise.

  3. You can create Nested Multsig as Flexible Multisig and Static Multisig.

Its disadvantage is:

  1. Need more steps to finish transaction.

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