Mimir's Dapp serves as the gateway for Mimir to interact with other applications. Once a user selects an account (whether it's a single-signature or multisig), they can use that account to perform various operations within the ecosystem through the multiple applications listed in Dapp.

Dapp will consist of two types of applications: Mimir Dapp and third-party Dapp.

Mimir Dapp

Mimir Dapps are launched by the Mimir team after productizing the Pallet. Mimir Dapps present commonly used Pallets in the form of a Dapp, aiming to lower the entry barrier and enhance user-friendliness for the Polkadot ecosystem users.

Currently, we have productized the Transfer, and in the future, we plan to offer productized solutions for common features like Proxy, Governance, Batch, etc.

Third-Party Dapp

Many teams are also working on productization, such as Subid and Polkassembly.

We will also integrate these Polkadot ecosystem applications, which can significantly lower the barriers to user interaction and have already achieved great success.

We also hope to connect with more and more applications, expanding the scope of these applications. Not only single-signature users can experience it, but multisig users can also enjoy this convenience.

List your Dapp: hello@mimir.global

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