📥Import/Export Multisig

Mimir will synchronize the multisigs associated with the Extension Wallets you've authorized locally.

However, during this process, there may be some edge cases that require you to manually import the multisig.

Import through creation

If you wish to recover a Static Multisig and you remember all the member addresses and the threshold, you can directly create a Static Multisig with the same parameters to recover that multisig.

Import through configuration file

You can ask other members to click 'Export' on the multisig's setting page to download the multisig configuration file and send it to you.

If your local Extension Wallet is indeed a member of this multisig, you can recover it by importing that file using the 'Import' button on the Create page.

Using this method, you can recover both Static and Flexible Multisig.

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