🏛️Multi-Sig Governance in Polkadot

Mimir now supports the Polkadot network and the Subsquare application, meaning users can directly use their multisig accounts to participate in the governance of the Polkadot ecosystem. This article will introduce how to complete this process quickly and conveniently.


If users wish to use Subsquare through a multisig account, they can follow these steps:

  1. Create new multisig wallet in Mimir or import from other DAPP.

Mimir has completed the synchronization of all multisig wallets on the Polkadot network, including all balance static multisigs and some Proxy-based flexible multisigs. You just need to authorize the extension wallet containing the members to automatically complete the synchronization.

  1. Enter App and find Subsquare.

  1. Upon entering, you will see that the multisig wallet is connected. After confirming that there are no errors, you can click on 'Referenda', then goes to 'Middle Spender', find #462 proposal.

  1. Click on "Vote," select "Aya," enter the amount of DOT you wish to support and the multiplier (lock-up period), then click confirm.

  1. After clicking 'Confirm', you can initiate the transaction to submit the Proposal

  1. Other members of the multisig can find the corresponding transaction in 'Transaction->Pending' and perform the Approve operation

  1. Once the threshold is reached, the transaction is completed on-chain and can be found in the corresponding Track

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