💹Participate Polkadot Native Staking

Mimir has now integrated with the Polkadot Staking Dashboard. Previously, multisig users looking to perform staking operations had to rely on manually constructing transactions, a complex and cumbersome process. The introduction of the Polkadot Staking Dashboard significantly streamlined staking for users, albeit exclusively for single-signature accounts.With Mimir's successful integration, multisig accounts can now easily participate in staking operations.

Participate in Polkadot Native Staking through Mimir

  1. Click "Apps" and select "Staking" (at this point, you can click the 🌟 button to favorite it and place it on the Home page).

  1. Click on "Account" in the top right corner to check if it's connected to Mimir.

  1. Select "Go to Account" and choose the account connected through Mimir.

  1. After completing the connection, you can view the current user's Staking Dashboard.

Subsequent operations can be performed as desired. For example, to add a Bond amount:

  1. Enter the Pool, click the ➕ button.

  1. Enter the amount you wish to add to the stake.

  1. Click "Submit" to initiate the transaction.

  1. The transaction will also be displayed in the sidebar. Clicking on it will expand to show all transactions in a pending state associated with that application.

  1. Once the agreeing members reach the threshold, the transaction can be initiated successfully.

  1. If you possess enough DOT (at least 250 DOT), you can directly take on the role of a nominator.

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